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  1. If software I just installed doesnt work, the first thing I do is Uninstall it and try again iincase there was a problem, so definately not that, turns out it was because I was missing windos updates, but now its saying my copy of windows 7 isnt genuine, whoopie another problem to try and solve, anyway thanks to who suggested the windows updates.
  2. Thats where I went already, they dont have it on there anymore, luckily I already had it from when I first installed Windows 7 (Ive installed multiple times for a few different reasons), I always uninstall the current driver before installing a new one as its the easiest way to make sure its clean. Its probably the updates for windows itself that I need, Im hoping it is anyway, I had it set to automaticly update anyway, turns out they were at 20% downloading already but I live in a rural area so I dont get very good broadband and its taking a while to download them.
  3. ATI dont have any newer drivers, thats the first thing I did was update all my drivers to the full by manually searching as windows is useless at that bit. I completely forgot about the updates for windows itself though, that could be the problem, Il go do that and Il report back once its done as it will take a while.
  4. Yeah, the only difference there is at the moment is some games havent been re-installed yet and i have a few programs to install but none of them are needed in a way that could affect the drivers or anything like that.
  5. Right I had to wipe my computer as it was getting cluttered and slowing down, I had Second Life installed before doing so and it worked perfectly fine, no problems what so ever. After rebuilding my system back to the way it was without all the mess I installed Second Life, but when I launch it says my graphics card is either incompatible or the drivers are incorrect/out of date. These are the same drivers I had installed before, same card, same everything, the graphics card is only a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4300 Series but it worked before without a problem so I dont see what the problem is, anything I can do to solve this?
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