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  1. i have a store owner harrassing me and accusing me of selling items that i paid for she says i didnt but will not! show me proof so she files a DMCA file on me ... <Removed> i got all items off SL Market Place !! all have her name on them as the creator!! i can not look up the payment info as the history only goes back to nov 27th ... someone has stole her items and selling them as her! on Market place .. so now she is harrassing me and filing a DMCA a false DMCA report wants me to buy all the items listed again! i refuse to pay all the items twice!! paid for it ..i got them
  2. why is SL doing this?? im so pissed right now im about to remove it for good my inventory wont load my tag wont load my friends list wont load my groups wont load .. the land i own says i don't own it i have upgraded and downgraded restarted my cable i have relogged and relogged restarted and im a damn cloud!! so mad right now ... if anyone is having this same problem please let me know
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