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  1. I tried that too, and once the box is on the ground and I open it, it only has a couple of scripts and a note card in it...not the actual purchased item. I have contacted the seller about it but no reply yet. Thank you for your reply.
  2. Never happened to me before but i just cant figure out how to open my purchase, tried in different viewers, tried in different lands, tried having the item redelivered...can anyone help me? Thank you
  3. I updated my laptop to Windows 8 a few days ago and since then every time I open a Second Life viewer my screen starts flickering. It happens on any viewer (SL Viewer, firestorm, nirans, exodus...) and only with Second Life, I can play other games with no problems. I tried with low graphics and still the same. Anyone experiencing anything similar to this? ********************************** Already had updated Graphics Card drivers to latest windows 8 compatible version, still experiencing same problem.
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