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  1. I am getting script:Resize Cardinal 1.2] Script run-time error Math Error does this work with attachments? well, script compiles in a simple cube but then shrinks it to a .01 cube on any command.
  2. Anyone's homestead not performing well after this publsh? Time dilation going from like .975 down to like .1 on a 5 to 10 second cycle. I am also seeing Spare Time going from like 16 ms down to .001 ms on similar cycles. SIM was fine before publish. I am wondering if the Hoimestead butg where they were misreports free resources so the Homestead server is trashing itselve again.
  3. good artists borrow great artists steal - Pablo Picasso
  4. There are alternatives to putting more checkboxes on the preferences screen: Allow entire user interfaces to be "plugged in". This requires a major architectural change to the software. Although we've talked about it, it's going to be a while yet before we get there. This is what you should be focusing on, making the Veiwer modular. Look at World of Warcraft, people create addons and extent the UI because Blizzard gave them the tools to do so. If you had created the veiwer to allow plugins, no one would have created 3rd party veiwers. Yes, you going to need to reengineer stuff but making the veiwer modular and improving LSL (honestly, just drop LSL and use LUA like other companies are doing and add LUA API to control SL stuff) but once you do, you can leverage your community instead of fighting them.
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