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  1. It seems that refraining from applying the armature modifier has worked. It's allowing me to upload the mesh with skin weights now. Thank you all!
  2. Thank you for responding, Gaia, but I don't think it's an issue with the .slm data files. I havn't actually uploaded the model yet, only viewed it in the importer, so there were never any data files created for it. I'm going to try exporting without applying the modifier first and if I still have no luck, I'll ship you the blend file.
  3. I'm currently using Blender version 2.62 The issue that I'm coming across is that I can't upload the mesh avatar that I have created and rigged, with "skin weights." The box is greyed out. I've checked to make sure that everything's in order: the count of the polygons is only 1976, there are no duplicate vertices, the normals are all facing outward, the armature contains all 26 bones, and that I actually applied the modifier before trying to export. The weights were assigned properly to the mesh and everything deformed properly in pose mode within Blender. But for some reason I canno
  4. Not sure what happened, but I did not create this thread to the best of my knowledge. If an admin sees this bump, please burn this thread.
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