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  1. I recently switched to a mac book, and have been generally delighted wth the functionality of Firestorm. However, it has been brought to my attention that I may hide HUD attachments, rather than attaching/detaching constantly, which now seems theoretically like a remarkable capability. When I tried to do it, the pull-down menu seemed inactive (yes, I am running RLV constantly). The "Show HUD Attachment" selection showed an odd series of markings, which seem to suggest a keystroke sequence, but aren't traditional keys. These do seem to correlate with symbols for an alternate keyboard configuration, to indicate the sequence ""option(alt) + Shift + H", but this sequence has no effect. The "Show HUD Attachements" selection is still checked, and won't uncheck. When I run outside of RLV (and at my peril, of course), the function seems to work perfectly. I suppose it could be any of a number of restraining devices causing the malfunction, but I'm curious about anyone else observing this and (hopefully) fixing or circumventing it. Thanks for your thoughts. Bliss Deschanel
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