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  1. Find your Future job out there in second life, Discover any and every job available! If you're a business owner, List all your available job openings at Avijobs. With Cheap rates and quick turn arounds, we aim to get residents to apply for jobs and get your business growing! Visit us inworld - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cotton Creek/163/164/22 Visit our site - Avijobs use our coupon for 10% off, SLFIRSTIME 1 per customer, Valid on 7 day listing and featured listing!
  2. Due to there being a high rate of applicants.. hiring is on hold for the time being. But if you are still interested, please leave me a notecard inworld and i will get back to you. thanks
  3. Currently Hiring Models to come work in photoshoots, Earn a decent L$ amount each photoshoot and work your way up! Hiring All ages 1-80, male or female, Young or old, Short or tall and also any sexuality. Please Send me a message inworld, I'd be happy to get you started! Delta191 Broono
  4. Its best to get a local server on your machine and do it.. try the open simulator. renting a land for a few hours is not really possible.. no one makes money from it. especially on a full homestead.
  5. it Could be 4 Things, (or it could Be Something that i havent mentioned ) 1. Your credit card Wont allow the Transaction. 2. Your Probably trying to get More than What You Able to get. 3. Everytime You Try to do a Currency Exchange your Account Goes through Risk Api. And its Basically says either Yes Or No to weather your allowed to carry on with the exchange. "No" indicates that a particular account shares behaviors with accounts that were proven to be high risk in the past. When an exchange receives a "No" answer, the exchange is advised that they need to decide if they will assume the
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