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  1. so i have been playing around with media and it seems to be limited to just youube as the videos that are blocked can be seen from daily motion or vimeo..the only vids that are working for youtube are those that dont have a high copyright claim attatched to them,,however 7 weeks ago we could not use daily motion or vimeo and they have since started working again and one or 2 videos would not work on youtube have started to play.. this could be something that will fix given time tho can not garuntee it
  2. sorry for late reply, so in the group i am in we all use either firestorm or the sl veiwer. and majority of us are having this issue other groups too, here is a link of a video i have just tested that doe's not work however if i roll back to 3 previous updates on firestrom the videos all work.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2VhIcQTosk&t=10s
  3. ok. so doe's anyone know what this issue is with youtube. certain videos are not playing but they are only not playing for certain accounts. one of my colleagues can only see some videos but on his alt see's them all and this is pretty much the case for hundreds of us in the same community, when they do not play it says the browser does not supprt file type however some of us see it on our alts.anyone got any ideas?
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