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  1. Thanks - I had a Linden Home at 512 but to get the 1024 I abandones some of my mainland to get the free sqm toget one. But now it has taken 3 days and still I cannot get a bigger one that 512 - I dont know what I am doing wrong
  2. Found out I can only get a 512 m2 land - so thats why I could not see it Thanks for the answers
  3. I does not appear on the list What is it called?
  4. How can I find where the houseboats are?
  5. How can I change my Linden Home to another kind? I have a linden home in Bee Springs and would like a houseboat instead. How do I do that?
  6. Lately I have notices that the SEARCH site has changed. At least the Showcase place. I am not able to tleport anymore to the destinations. Also I can not see the headlines of the categories anymore. It has become impossible for me to work with anymore, and I used to travel here and explore a lot before. I use the Imprudence Viewer, and I am very satisfied with that and dont want to shift. What can I do? Sisi Biedermann
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