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  1. Thankyou all for answering so fast,, this has been a great help. I did look at the tutorial at mermaid and it explained alot. Very easy to understand to. To bad the rl people cant be as helpful of others, would be alot better place. sending warm fuzzies to all,,, thankyou
  2. Thankyou Bee for the fast response. I do have Corel PSP XI. I am very new to using it. I am still lost as to how to do or apply the invisibility. I am just learning so I am a total rookie novice. I made shoes inworld and made an invisible block for the heels, but it made the heal disapear. Couldnt see the block, but couldnt see the heal either,lol. And since not everyone is using vierwer 2 I need a tutorial or full step by step explanation of how to do it so they are available in viewer 2, 1.23 and emerald. So I would apply the alpha thing in my psp to a texture? Making the shoes I can do, making them wearable is the problem. Thankyou again.
  3. Hi, I was wondering how you do or make the invisibility part for shoes and boots, what script or texture and where do you put them? Does teh whole shoe or boot need to be covered? Is there a new script ot texture? I use viewer 2 and have windows xp.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou,.,.
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