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  1. Excelent! That seems to have worked quite well, thank you -very- much for the assistance!
  2. Trying it now. Seems to be working, but it's still loading inventory. At least I got as far as the default male look! I have a peni-. . . Oh wait, that's right, I still don't have one, lol!
  3. Right, so! Couple weeks ago, I relog for reasons I no longer remember, and under circumstances so mundane that I didn't bother to log them to memory. Low and behold, my skin and shape are not loading! So I'm stuck with our favorite avatar default, the lovely miss Ruth. Not a big deal, I didn't fret, just opened the boxes I was there to open and shrugged it off as a glitch. Day or so later, I go to log back in again, and I find myself rolling my eyes and giving somewhat of a groan as I find myself all fluffy and white for a while before a quick rebake reveals none other than Ruth! Well, now, no
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