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  1. Ok so when I try to get into my firestorm viewer I get the error, "firestorm is unable to run because your video card drivers did not install properly, are out of date, or are for unsupported hardware" I've seen blog posts on this but none have really given a solution to why this happens, and its kind of making me panic as I need it for a rl class >_< So I have the basic Intell HD 3000 running on Windows 10 and for some reason it has currently no more updates so after multiple reinstalls of the current driver, searching through pages upon pages of Intel and HP pages trying to see if any have a solution and theres just nothing.... I know... I know I read on a blog that one of the solutions is to try and run the 32 bit version and then do this intel fix but the person who posted the question answered back saying that it didn't work...... and so I thought I would try asking... Sadly I did have a laptop that was running SL smoothely but it's decided that its 6 years of no overheating issues must come to an end and is giving me a green checkered screen ((if anyone can find a fix to that I would be so greatful but I know because of its overheating there isn't much that can be done)) So yeah my main question is, is there actually a solution to the Intel HD 3000 driver update? Thanks Luna
  2. I have been able to tp in the past but since the big roll back, I haven't been able to tp away from my home without crashing while im walking around the sim that is fully loaded... I thought that after everybody elses errors got sorted, that mine would too.... but sadly no, I've tried, phoniex, firestorm and exodus and all crash .. iv cleaned caches, done clean installs of viewers etc.... So any idea what is going on...? Cheers Luna
  3. Since the Rollout, I haven't been able to tp anywhere without once I get there watching the whole land load and then my avatar wont move anywhere and I crash. Is there anyway to sort this because I am getting sick of the only place I can stay on that wont crash me is my SL Home... Cheers Luna Thanks for the help guys... I only just found out that every body else was having the same problem... its just that for me its been happening for over a week and other people were able to tp back then where as I was always stuck so yeah -_-
  4. On the Youtube Affliates program it says you need prermission to use content that is not your own. So I was wondering does using content from Second Life break this contract? Am I allowed to use content from SL which I have recorded myself to create tutorials and make money from them using the Youtube Affilates program?? Would really like to knw Thanks
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