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  1. I want the General Discussion forum returned as well. I know that it was often loaded with drama, but it also kept me informed of things that were going on in world that I wouldn't have known about otherwise. I learned a great deal about SL from reading that forum actually. I often passed information that I learned there along to my friends in world. I learned to be wary of full perm items being passed around the grid because they're probably stolen. I learned about script usage and the impact on the grid. I learned how to use the in world map to shop for land rather than just use the land auction system. I read threads about common issues that were answered by forum regulars rather than needing to deal with live chat or filing a ticket. Some of these issues were about products in world and not SL itself. Many of my friends in world wonder how I know so much about SL, and I always reply that it is because I read the forums. I think LL needs to take a second loook at the forum community and return the General Discussion section of the forum.
  2. The same thing happened to me when I renewed my membership. I submitted a ticket and the response was to refresh my browser, which didn't work. I finally had to resort to using live chat to get the situation resolved. They wanted my personal info to verify my account and only then was I able to purchase land. Even then I had to do live chat again because I was unable to purchase land using viewer 2, and had to download the original viewer. I hope this helps you.
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