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  1. Check out RGF -- cheapest prices on the grid and been around forever. I hop around homesteads, if they raise the price a bit I wait for them to lower prices again and move if necc to a different sim. The servers to me all seem the same... I go by price, why pay $2000L more per week for the same thing?? I've been renting land for 10 years.. Like OP says, I don't need anyone holding my hand regarding managing a plot of land or a HS sim, so I go by price. Use the land sales page in the viewer, find it on the search function, the little magnifying glass.... search by size, I do >65500 for a HS, then sort by price. RGF sells the land @ 288L for all regardless of tier -- so look for that price & then click on the HS ones to see what weekly tier they are asking. They do vary a little bit, I have had some at $4988L and they are average around maybe $5588L -- more or less, just keep an eye on them!!
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