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  1. He he, I also use an external player for my music. Using the viewer to play music (or possibly only doing this and "dancing") is like taking a car to visit your next-door neighbor across the street. I guess that I can then rule out evil crackers harvesting users' IPs on a parcel and then DDOSing them (as I don't use media or voice in SL).
  2. I also don't know what MoaP is. Voice is disabled on my side as well. So there are no other possible known leaks? Other than that, I'm using Firestorm viewer.
  3. I was at a very populous SIM today, and shortly afterwards my network connection suffered a prolonged DDOS attack (mainly from various Chinese IPs, also a few from Australia). Maybe this is just a coincidence, but is there any way nowadays for some malicious user to obtain visitors' IP numbers? (Other than listening to streaming media on the land, which I don't have turned on.)
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