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  1. I had this problem recently. Yes it was the mesh hair I was wearing for some reason causing the problem. I switched back to my old hair and did not have the crashing issue. I had tried the VBO settings first that did not make a difference. Soooo for whatever reason don't try to edit some things while wearing mesh hair. Guess SL does not want you to get messy hair while working.
  2. for me it keeps shutting down my display driver.... how do you UNINSTALL the latest version??? i pay too much to have my land to not be able to stay logged in or have it mess my computer up with whatever 'issues' its having and effecting my drivers.
  3. since the last AUTOMATIC update, when i log in i see flashes of something and when i try to move or do anything it crashes me saying my display drivers have quit working, i NEVER had this problem before with the older version of SL or before THIS update.... i need a fix!!!
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