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  1. you're wrong. I am the creator in SL .. I have my vendors to distributors. When you activate the script for the vendor, the just pops up a yellow window .. I must say: grant ...thus activate the vendor. Script with yellow window is the working script for our producers!
  2. Hi dear, thanks for your advice. I think the name should not be deleted. These things should not happen in SL. names of those who are somehow involved in the fraud, must be known to everyone. Maybe someone will save self if know the names of fraud...This is a crime ... such scripc not allowed ... gift to bring pleasure, not danger. It is my opinion, it should function correctly world. No one shall be afraid of gifts!!!!!!
  3. WARNING FOR ALL ! Today at 10:26 SLT i was on SIM name : xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and i get gift, i though its a gift from store where i was cause it was saying (in pop up menu) - "aGiftForYou". So I accept it was : CONGRATULATION !!! YOU WIN !!! owned by aGiftForYou Resident gave you 'Zyngo' . After that i went to my home spot and my land - Tierra Prometida and i rezzed that OBJECT. Same as my vendors give the pop up menu "do you allow this object to take your money...etc" i press allow cause i was sure that was a gift for me. But one part of my money went to person that send me same object. And same moment i lost 40.000L$ Same moment i click edit and find creator name - xxxxxxxxxxxxx After taking all my money object dissap. I am owner of land Tierra Prometida and owner of SL business company name : ` ~ A BABY ADOPT CENTER - Kseniya Cadell ~ ` I hope that noone will be tricked like this again. Creator of object is ..xxxxxxxxxxx........ Person that money went to is aGiftForYou Resident Thanks in advanced for your help and support Kseniya Cadell I submmited raport to LL.
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