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  1. Yeah we all learn with mistakes ...and i wont to this again and will still help people as my best just cause this is my TRUE nature ...kiss all ty for your word
  2. Ok guy it was only a thought i had and just wanted to share it...yesbit was so nothing for money but still sad when you know i gain my money by working on sl ....anyway...so sorry for my bad english but its already good ...me a french personne who try when other dont ....yep this is over andbyes i moved on ....ty all
  3. Yes steeve i do have proofs..info payent and all....ty for replyed me...
  4. I met a guy...so nice looking, french...vampire.....once i got to hes clan he asked me money to help him to buy huds for a girl...i did borrow him 999l...and im not so rich since im working on sl got my money...but im always try to help all...then as always on bl game drama came ...i left and then the guy being mean and refuse to give me back my money...ignoring mynims...maybe muted me...can we report this? Some sa no...but for sure i will never do that gain...today helpfull...tomorow will ignoring help....gahhh
  5. I tryed so many times to iming him...trying to know why hes ignoring me but i guess he just muted me...if he read this and i think he did. Please is just fait to telle me what wrong
  6. After this guy...all know who he is searched me all around sl and on this forums...took week to come online and then now he is he ignoring me, maybe evenz muted cause never replying me..it is so had to explain?.its only fait tho pffff...
  7. It is possible that sl will come for tables users soon?
  8. hi, it is possible that sl uncheck the boxes on friends list or deleting words on profile?
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