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  1. Umm ... entering "princessbox88" into the people search turns up nothing ... Might want to address that. Also, we are looking for content creators to join our team. If you would like to speak with us, please put a notecard in our store mail box (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/EduIsland%209/208/126/23) with your information, experence, and links to portfolio or samples of your work. ~Aoifee Loon
  2. When you see a job listing in the real world, do you not investigate the company before applying? Do you have all the facts about pay and bennifits before you go into the interview? It's not a matter of hiding. It is a matter of weeding out the people who can't follow instructions, and are not seriously interested.
  3. This posting is now closed. We thank those that have shown an interest and will be contacting you soon.
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