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  1. For a new photography place People skills are a must!Online 4+ hours a dayWilling to work on call.Make appointments and keep track of them.Must look presentable Compensation is a weekly salary PLUS commission. Contact Taya Carver in world.
  2. Thank you very much for your information, I didn't know there was a catagory dedicated specifically for wall decals. Will this affect my listing enhancements by moving them? Or are we allowed to place listing enhancements on any landing page we wish?
  3. Got a message that 2 of my items were removed because they were listed in the wrong catagory, and asked to relist.. The thing is, I have 20 of these items, and they're all in the same catagory, and I believe they are in the correct catagory, they are wall decals used to decorate your home. So why shouldn't they be listed under Home & Garden > Decor ? I also have 3 listing enhancements on these items for the landing page catagory. I am concerned that this will affect them.
  4. Has been like this for the past 5 hours. I have tried rebaking, character tests (Numerous times), Clearing cache and inventory cache. I am only grey from the neck down once I put on clothes. I have tried different clothes, still same result. Other people see me as grey from the neck down as well. Thanks Peggy for your help! I am still having this problem after trying your solutions :\ I have an Alienware Aurora R-3, Windows 7, 8GB Ram, Intel Dual Core 2.87 processor Nvidia GTX 460 Graphics.
  5. Thank you very much, you all have been very helpful. I am going to have my own system built and use the GTS 450!
  6. Thank you very much Leliel, that is very helpful!
  7. Hello! I hope I am posting this in the right place! I am in the market to buy a new desktop, and of course I would like to run SL on at least mid level. Does anyone know of a good Nvidia or ATI graphics card that will do this? Looking to stay in the $500-600 range.
  8. I am buying a new desktop, looking for a good graphics card on the market, that I can run mid settings on SL with. Nvidia or ATI
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