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  1. Great to hear from you again Amethyst! Great post and good points! We have the same "small claims" system with courts for smaller disputes, however Second Life has quite a few things that "Real Life" does not. I don't think the system would have to be this convoluted, let me explain why. First, in real life you do not have a system that keeps track of sales via a ticket system. (Well, except for the paper receipt, but lets forgo that for the moment) With the system in Second Life there is no disputing the amount paid or whether a customer paid and merchant received said payment. Second, S
  2. Thanks for joining in n this thread Melita! Yes, When bad glitches like this happen. I always start to think about tchanging to a different viewer. It is just so tedious learning a new one. I know the SLV viewer so well. Hoping a fix will come soon. Thanks for the funny comment too. It does feel like guantanamo! hehehe! : P Thank you for stopping in! : )
  3. Hi Chriz, I have two suggestions that may work. The first is is work around for the "No Rezz" issue that is happening in S.L. at the moment. What you can do is make a new folder in your inventory. Then take the object you are having trouble with and move it into this new folder. Once you have moved it into the new folder in your inventory, try to drag and drop it out at the new location one more time. If this does not work, try going to a sand box which does not have limitations..like "No Scripts" or No weapons" Sometimes it will not allow a rezz out, just because the item is spread out
  4. Hi GothGirl, Thanks for adding to the thread. I personally and thankfully have not had much trouble with griefers. But the few accounts were not fun at all. I agree Linden needs to take a stronger stance against such nonsense. But no matter how many regulations you make, you have to take into account that we are dealing with people here. There will always be bad to go with the good and when people can easily hide behind a avatar, the instances will be higher. No matter how much you try to stop this kind of behavior, unfortunately, it will still exist. Let us all just hope less of than more.
  5. Thanks for the great addition to this thread Czari! Really enjoyed reading your post! Yes, it seems that the starting points of old were much more helpful and fun for those creating a account. Currently, not so much. Yes! Caledon University. That is exactly what I was speaking of. What a great sim! Takes a novice and puts them on the track to be a expert with their avatar. I too love visiting that sim. Have not been in awhile. I think I will pay another visit. Thanks again for adding such a great post to this thread!
  6. Of course it depends on when you check it Sirh. I always log in around the same time and on the same days. I was always fascinated by the number of folks logged in at any given time. This is why it stuck out to me so much. So to find the relevance of that number we would need to log -in every day at the time and day you logged in and keep track of hat number for at least a few months to see if it variates. When I logged in on Fridays just a few years ago, the numbers were always at around 50,000. Today on a Friday, in the last week anyways, I have not seen that number top 30,000. Saturday
  7. I wish it was "Just another conspiracy theory" But you can see the number of logged in people on several different viewers. That number use to be around the 50,000 on any given Friday. Give or take a few thousand of course. Today it rarely cracks the 30,000 mark. That is not a conspiracy. Just facts. : / Trust me Dilbert, I would like to believe that more than anyone. I really like Second Life. i would not have started this thread otherwise. Just hoping that a good dialog here may reach the folks that can take the thoughts, suggestions, and opinions here. then morph them into action. Tha
  8. Hi Jo! Wow! Great post! Thanks for your input. Very much appreciated and a very enjoyable read. You really captured exactly what I am talking about. You obviously have been covering this topic far longer than I Linden certainly needs to address this issue. I really enjoyed your idea about a island that is a fun learning game. I think that would be a awesome way to start out in Second Life. I had suggested before that they start folks at Caldron University.<--spelling? But your idea sounds much more appealing. I have had mixed feeling about whether a person's avatar should look "Noob
  9. Hi Porky, Really great post! Your entrance was sounds amazing. I wish they would go back to those days. Back when I entered S.L. I did have a problem with dropping in on parcels owned by others. Always though it should have been guided to make you hit Linden community land. But other than that. Loved my first day. Was blown away. But had I had the one on one you described. I would have been beside myself and my first day would have been that much better! I am just shocked that they are throwing folks in here with no tutorial now. Amazing isn't it? Thanks again for this post. Great input!
  10. Hi Phil, Thanks fo rthis reply. I still have the glitch. I am not the only one. Several of my friends are having this problem too. It onl happens with items you own and can actually delete and does not happen every single time. But very freaquent. Another person in the forums indicated they have this as well. So I know it is not just me. But you have brought up a very good suggestion. I will take a look at my brower number to seee if I have the latest. I hope you are right and I am on the old one. Thanks gain fo rthe post! Very much appreciated!
  11. Hello, First...please do not take the tone of this reply as anything but pleasant. I am a big fan of your blog posts! Just don't agree with you on this subject. You wrote "Does your government do that for you in RL when you buy something that you think ripped you off or you have a bad experience with a merchant?" My reply is: Yes, they do return the money to you. If the police catch a bank robber with the banks money in their pocket. It is simply returned to the bank. Linden has the prefix I.D. They see the money left my account and they can see on the sellers account that my money is depo
  12. Simple answer...yes. The numbers are down. If you look at my last post, I think a big reason is that the influx of new arrivals is slowing do to Bad Linden changes. So the influx is not keeping up with the out flux I don't agree that the functionality of Second Life is the reason. As it has always had problems and continued to grow despite the fact. But I have to point out that Second Life has very few crashes and virtually no lag if you are on a higher end computer. My friends and I all work for a living with our computers, so we have very over the top model computers. Lag and crashes never
  13. VERY good point Urzel! Yes, so many things that are available to do in Second Life are just plain out of sight. Only the small percentage of return users slowly find out about all the stuff there is to do in here. I think you are very correct to point out this deficiency. If they were shown from day one that they can build and shown where the free places were do so, this would be a great start at making more visitors permanent residents. Thanks so much for leaving a rely! Very much appreciated.
  14. Thanks for leaving a reply Dilbert Dilweg! Yes, the trouble report process via JIRA is beyond tedious and seriously outdated! I reported the invisible textures bug a few years back. Took over a year for a solution. I understand they have their hands full. But the fix system is beyond broken. I too shall pass on making a trouble ticket. Got to tell you, deleting my house and having to spend hours putting it back out the other day was not my idea of quality S.L. time. Yes, leading a friend around is a solution. But as you pointed out, cannot always be there and Lindens concern should be to ke
  15. First, I am taking my time to write this in hopes that someone with the power to make change in Linden will some how hear me and would like to hear accounts from others out there in Second Life on the subject. Today I helped a friend create a new account. I was shocked at that the way new avatars are brought into the world now. Why Linden felt a change was needed in that area is beyond me. But I have to tell you, it is the worst change ever! Remember the old way of entering S.L.? Avatars were lead through a short path that would teach a avatar the basics. Sitting, flying, camera tricks.....Th
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