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  1. sorry i meant in-world not through my web browser. i can't view the profile at all to change anything. and now i can't see others profiles either. lol it's really not a big deal just weird as i never received that error before
  2. this is what i got: The following media plugin has failed: Media_plugin_webkit please reinstall the plugin or contact the vendor if you continue to experience problems. i didn't change anything on my computer or my secondlife profile. it just started today
  3. i can't seem to view my profile. when i try to it takes forever to try and load and then i finally get an error reading that i have a missing plug and to install it. yet i can view other peoples profiles. does it have something to do with the edit feature? help please
  4. i am just learning how to use viewer 2 how can i edit my hair. i see a bald spot and i need to make it bigger.
  5. why can't i buy lindens with a prepaid..i used to
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