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  1. After my post from last month - I decided to rent half a sim for my new club. With health issues I didn't want to risk renting a whole sim and risk losing my club again. With my new club with 120 members already - I have found this more comfortable to run without any worry or stress. I charge a L$50 joining fee which helps to keep the cheating alts away. The most I have at events is about 30 - leaving room for an extra 20. Using a fish bowl contest board, a few members add money to it which saves my money. My Dj's and Hostess only work for tips- with events there is no lag and everyone seems happy and chatty. So albeit, I am satisfied now.
  2. For the past week I have ticked the box so new members have to pay L$50 to join my resort, These payments from new members are not showing in my transaction. I done an experiment with my alt - her payment to me does show in her account. Since i introduced this payment I had 91 members and up to date 102 - still no sign of payments.
  3. Its a pity no creator ever made a gadget to stop more than 50 avatars entering on half a sim. They made a gadget to eject all males on a sim and half a sim, because I bought one sometime ago. Thank you for your options which I shall try.
  4. Out of 60+ members only staff were tipping and donating towards the club. Was very rare for a member to tip and donate. I have made a joining fee now of L$50 to slow down my new members and their alts. My Landlady is one of the best in SL - but I like to keep my members at events down to 50 avatars. I'm just annoyed I cannot afford a full sim which would solve everything.
  5. Thank you Fritigern. It seems only the way to run a club without annoying the neighbours. I will look into this.
  6. Over the years my members have totalled over 2000. At events the sim would get full up which only renting half a sim I wasn't being fair to my neighbours. The Landowner wasn't too pleased and I began to go in panic mode. My only way out was to rent a whole sim - after a week with sleepless nights I couldn't afford to run a whole sim. I closed my resort, upsetting my members as I ejected them from my group to close it. I started a new group and already in a week my members are 80 - I've introduced a joining fee to slow members from joining. I just wish there was a way only allowed 50 avatars on half a sim at one time. I only wish LL would create half a sims only which would be better for clubs - only a few can afford a whole sim in the real world. With plenty of empty land in SL, I'm sure this could be made possible and give us people on low incomes a chance to forfill our dreams in SL.
  7. For the past two-weeks its been drama from a manager in a female resort. I own a female resort and often dance at this other resort, because I simply enjoy it. She keeps telling me not to send my group im's when I have an event, because her members who are in my group might see it and go to my event instead. I reported her to the owner, but nothing changes. Do you think I should ignore her to stop anymore drama. I don't want to leave their group, because I have many friends there.
  8. This may seem an usual question but it happened to me the otherday. If you lose your internet and you know you are going to be offline for sometime, Is it ok to telephone LL and ask them to pass a message to someone in SL to stop them worrying and no otherway getting in contact.
  9. Is it true the Landowner can get a fine for example - If dj streaming music downloaded from youtube and its showning titles such as She loves you Beatles lyrics, rather than She love you - The Beatles.
  10. Being a dj I would like to hide my song titles when I stream my music from others. I know I can hide them for myself but this method doesnt work for others. Just wondered if there was a way.
  11. How come you get an IM pop up and someone begging for money and lots of others get involved - often telling that person to get a job or worse. How do they know your name especially if you have never heard of them before.
  12. When you buy an item from a store and a pop up message says .Accept or Discard; If you click on discard by mistake, because it came up to fast. Is the owner suppose to refund or send item - once sending him the proof of payment. If he/she refuses can you put in a ticket.
  13. Since I got scammed a few yearsago in Sl, I have been very wary of what I except. Often I get notecards sent to me from shops, etc. Is it safe to except a notecard?
  14. It has now stopped showing script so please ignore previous meassge
  15. Since I purchased the Omega System Kit I keep getting a box pop up saying Script warning/Error and Debug. I tried deleteing the script and also reinstalled my viewer but it still appears. How can I stop this please.
  16. Last year I banned this group of alts from my club. Now I have started a new club, I noticed one guy standing in the background for over a hour. Very soon he was controlling his alts on my dancefloor as I reconized a few and some were a green cloud where I blocked them before. All these I ejected and banned again. I often wonder if I'm too strict with alts, because the more you ban the more seem to come. I just hate people cheating on the contest board - feeling if they are robbing me and my genuine members. WIth my many long years of being a club owner - alts are easy to spot in most cases.
  17. I'm in a group as everybody. But why did SL charge me L$1 Group Liability fee ?
  18. Over 4 weeks ago LL blocked my friends account - something to do with a paypal payment which wasn't my friends fault. My friend has summited tickets and telephone calls to LL, but they won't unblock her account. despite saying the paypal problem has now cleared, which was a few weeks ago. She is very upset, because her account is over 5 years old with L$8000 in it and her inventory has well over 50,000 items. She rents a whole sim - lucky her partner is paying the rent for her, otherwise she would have lost it. My friend is on the verge of giving up SL, because its getting silly with LL treating her the way things are. I just wish I could contact someone in LL to help her and make them see sense.
  19. My friend has been in SL for 5 years now and eleven days her account was scammed. LL blocked her account and a few days ago LL told her to check her emails. Since then she has telephoned them and put in a support ticket but still no luck. LL told her that her account was ok now but still no message from LL for them to reactivate her account. She is worried because she pays for a whole sim and runs a club.
  20. The stream I rent the music keeps cutting out when I'm DJ. I have no idea what is causing this. Sometimes my music will play for a hour before cutting out and in again.
  21. I can hear my own stream when I'm DJ. Also, I can hear other dj's streams and radio channels but i cannot hear this one dj at all. She has a stream set to 100 poeple - so it cant be that and I've acceppted her stream on my list. First time I've had this problem in 7 years. I've tried different viewers but all the same,
  22. SL asking me to update my account Dear Second Life Resident, As announced on the Official Second Life Blog, Second Life is transitioning to a new payments processor for credit cards. Our records indicate that you use a credit card for Second Life payments and have not recently added or updated your billing information. To avoid any potential disruption of services, we strongly encourage you to re-enter your information. Updating the billing information on your Second Life account is as easy as 1-2-3: Login to your Second Life account at secondlife.com Click "Account," then "Billing Information" Under "How You're Paying" just click to Add the payment method of your choice*
  23. On my sim I have set the landing point but when I have events (example) dance area on a platform or away from landing point - members still land at landing point despite me making a new landmark for them to tp direct. Is there a setting which you can overcome this?
  24. Why can't LL build 1/2 sims separate - On my half of sim I'm in the middle of a dispute over a horrid screen dividing the land and already the owner made them remove it a few weeks ago. Now i am returning some of their prims back, which no idea how they put them there because only a few certain members can rez on my land. Paying weekly teirs on half a sim isn't exactly cheap and I'm sure it would be nice not to have neighbours.
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