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  1. 1 and 2. It happens with lots of different types avatars that seems to have no relevance whatsoever to eachother. 3. The head shape under the furry prim head looks different from what it's supposed to. It's hard to tell exactly how since different creators use different shapes. But like the neck it's never what it's supposed to be. 4. It never happens for my own avatar. Just on random people I see. So, my best guess is that this bug renders the SL bodies wrong on my computer. And the prims attached to the wrong rendered bodyparts ends up in places they're not supposed to be because of that.
  2. Here's what the problem looks like. And for this example it turns into this after I relog. The body shape is correct even when the bug happens. It seems to just be the neck up that causes problems. This example picture uses the standard SL body shape but a prim head. From what I can tell the neck is much thinner than it's supposed to be with the bug. Edit: Also tried all kinds of reinstalling and clearing caches. This is a problem that's been present for at least a couple of years. It just seems to happen more often now.
  3. It already was set to 4. Should I try setting it even higher? Edit: And it's never that the sculped eyes or jaws seems to be of the wrong quality or improperly rendered. It's that their position on the head is not where it is supposed to be, when this bug happens.
  4. I tested walking around a bit with the standard viewer. And the same thing seems to happen with it as well.
  5. Hey, I got a strange problem I had for a while. Often when an avatar using some form of prim body and eyes comes to a sim I'm already in. Their eyes tend to pop out of their head. As if they're placed a few inches in the wrong direction. For some avatars it also affects prim jaws. So I'm guessing it's somehow related to their head shape or attachment positions not rendering correctly for me. And it's always only if they come to a place I'm already in. Never have the problem with people already in the sims when I arrive. Relogging or leaving the sim always fixes it, so whatever the problem is. It seems to be on my end. But I was hoping there would be a way to prevent it from happening at all. Edit: Also, using the latest firestorm viewer.
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