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  1. Are you wanting to Dj in SL but are limited on sets because of RL schedule. Looking for those who have conflict between SL and RL
  2. How do I recover items that disappeared during a sim restart?
  3. Since the restarts this morning my viewer has not worked properly. I deleted and redownloaded and it still isn't right. If i try to teleport i crash. and i cannot hear music on my land but can on neighbor's land. others can hear the music on my land. how do i fix this mess? Also I cannot recieve a landmark from the web. And the names on my friends list are question marks.
  4. If I am a premium member and my partner is not, can she get into the same areas that I can?
  5. 56 Zenoria

    premium accout

    how much does a premium account cost?
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