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  1. http://glitchscatter.deviantart.com/ My deviantart is bare since I hadn't used it until recently but there are examples of my work. My computer runs sl smoothly on ultra settings. I'm willing to do the following: Custom display picsDigital Drawing/PaintingSketchesFull colorFlat color/shadingGroup photosSim Photography - i.e ( roleplay images such as camera feeds, or general landscape photography)LogosBUSTS ONLY for any drawn artI will begin work as soon as payment is recieved, needless to say I am always willing to modify/change any works done should you not like it. Refunds only given in the situation that common ground cannot be met. For pricing, please contact me inworld. :) (Ace.Direwytch)
  2. I need a very detailed set of armor for both males and females. Theme must be neon yellow, black and white/light gray (can change depending). I need it full perm to give to my rp employees. I will give you a color template once you begin work and any other details when we begin work together. :D Rigged will work just fine, but fitted would be great. I need them in parts if you could (shoes, legs, torso, head). None of the work will be sold as it is given to spesific rp'ers but I would like the neon colors to be modifyable. I'm looking for a sleek but imposing design, something that intimidates people. I'm open to ideas and possible designs as well, I would love nothing more than pure creativity with this work. These will be for security guards/highly militaristic and advanced themed. Please message me in-world with examples of your work and how much you wish to be paid for the project. There isn't much rush, you're able to take your time as the sim is new and people are still getting settled in. Here is an example of what I wish the armor to look like (not exact) https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/3a/36/96/3a36962201b370e8fa43da259e1ef12b.jpg or this: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/a1/aa/48/a1aa48c589775384c49c1211307fc3dc.jpg Or a mixture of both but something unique and original.
  3. I've been stuck wandering around for some time after quite a few sims I frequented had up and closed. I'm looking for an immersive sim to rp in that allows creativity without the stress of meters. I generally don't mind the theme, scifi, medieval, fantasy, you name it and I generally enjoy it. I've had no luck in finding a place that I could call home so if you know of a place or even have that place please don't hesitate to contact me either here or in world. My fiance and I would greatly apreciate it. :) No go's for me: Gor sims (just not my thing) Starwars sims (Love the books and movies, terrible experience with the rp) Meter reliant sims of any kind Interested in: Dungeons and dragons Scifi (bladerunner, shadowrun, etc) Medieval/Fantasy Modern Fantasy Nior Vampire the Masquerade
  4. SL start date: 9/26/2009, Gender: Female Age: 22 Languages: English only I'm just looking for some extra spending money on SL so I figure a job wouldn't hurt. I'm a very untrained builder though I can make basic things such as rooms, mazes and simple things like that, given I can get textures. I am a 3D artist, though I am not offering that skill for a job at this moment due to issues with my computer. I cannot DJ because, again, my computer cannot handle much stress. I am fairly social and willing to change appearance if need be, along with my profile to better reflect a business. I'm willing to do nearly anything so I suppose if you're looking for someone to train I'm rather adept to quickly learning something new. I am a 6 year RP'er, paragraph mainly, so that is another possibility in terms of employment if you so need one. If you wish to contact me quickly, inworld IM's are the best way. Thank you.
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