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  1. I use the online tracker hud myself and have now for a couple years due to the fact that I to have friends from all over the world and major different time zones and it makes it so much easier that when there on line and I am offline , That it goes to my email and lets me know that they are online, so I can log in to talk and hang out with them.. Second of all I also use it due to the fact I have been stalked and harrassed for 2 years now as well and have reported this person a few times but nothing gets really done about it.. So I use the online tracker for knowing when this person is online so I make sure I am offline when they show up online.. And if I am online and this person shows up online my online tracker lets me know, And I hurry and log off just so I don't have to deal with them.. When my husband died this program has helped me alot, Cause the last few months I have rarely came on cause I just been having a really hard time being on SL at this time, but I rely on my online tracker to notify me by email when those special people that me and my husband have met and became like family with on SL come online, I then will log in to SL to go see them and talk with them.. Cause I don't give out my personal information for people to just call me that I am close to cause that is dangerous cause you can never be to sure if the person is who they say they are even though you have grown fond of someone on the program.. So the online tracker has sooo many benefits for me.. Someone mentioned in one of the replies earlier that if someone is hiding there online status to begin with then there most likely up to no good and off harassing people or doing other things that they are not suppose too. Cause if your hiding from certain people on there, then why not delete them so they will not know your online.. Why try to hide the fact your online when you are online???? Please I ask that they really do not consider taking away the use of the online tracker huds.. I would actually really think about leaving sl perm if I am not able to use it anymore.. Cause what will be the point, I will not know when my certain close friends are on and I will never know if my stalker is online so I can make sure I am not on... I try to do everything possible to avoid drama and problems. Thats why I use the HUD.. SO please I know that it isn't in affect to stop the use of the HUDS at this time, And I really hope that they don't take our rights away from using them either.. Thomas Conover products have truely been a blessing for me and my real life family.. In like I said so many ways.. Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion...
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