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  1. Hi, Yes i just opened a store full skins) shapes..i see now SL started newbie's with mesh avatars I am so confused right now, hope all come ok so i know how i can sell and make all mesh avatars and skins :-(((((((((( grom sad greetings Lin
  2. Hello I noticed that second life now give all new joiners mesh avatars, no more normal So i think this will take a while or be a big cost for all business people in sl :-( Unless we get help to folow the new way he i speak here for shape, skins etc
  3. No that settings doesn't work on my pc :smileymad: Lin Carlucci
  4. The same problem for me DNS server could not resolve hostname :smileysad: Hophely a quick solution from Linden Lab, i miss SL already :-) greetings Lin carlucci
  5. Hi, i have this problem for already a few days ago I cant log in with my new sl upgraded vieuwer its says"DNS server could not resolve hostname" :smileysad: so i did repair on my pc back to days before :-) nothing happend it is still not working. I wrote to Linden Lab hophely they have quick a solution. greetings Lin Carlucci
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