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  1. I am looking for work. Paricularly something either club related, or photography related. I will not work at a strip club, so if your club is a strip club don't bother to ask me to apply. Work I am interested in, but not limited to these: Club Assistant Manager, General Manager, Shift Manager, or similar Club Host SL Photographer My skills: I am a RL photographer, I have adobe lightroom and photoshop (current versions with active adobe account). My RL photographer page www.facebook.com/gilliphotography I have a photo studio in world. I have previously owned and managed my own SL club 2009 - 2011. it was called Club Kasiniia I have been a manager in RL for the past six years. If you are interested in hiring me please drop me a notecard as my IM's get capped.
  2. I have been away from Secondlife since 2012. My wife and I have decided to return and see what has changed. Most of our hold friends have left over the past years and now we are looking to meet new friends to hangout with. Amberly Bracken is my partner in SL and RL. I am not looking for a girlfriend, going to say that up front. As for interests, we have a pretty wide range of interests. We love to role play in secondlife, primarly medieval sims, however; we do explore other types such as star trek, star wars, steampunk, harry potter, etc. If you want to meet just shoot us a message.
  3. Hi! I am Greglbg Greggan in Secondlife. I am a RL photographer. I mostly just wanted to say hi and meet any fellow SL, RL, or both, photographers. I have a kiosk in SL where I am putting some of my work on display (and for sell). I also have multiple pages on the internet where you can see my portfolio. The easiest to get to is my Facebook page, Gilliphotography. Greg
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