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  1. I know this is a very old post I'm replying to and that chances are good Peggy isn't even reading this anymore but I'd like to reply to this idea that minors are sneaking onto sl and using child avatars. Here's the thing about kids...they always want to grow up. They want independence. They want to get away with things and be treated like adults. As equals. So, it really doesn't make much sense for kids to sneak on sl.. just to be kids. Especially for a kid to sneak on sl to be a younger kid....what would be the point? Sure there might be a rare teen who'd like to go back to babytalk and binkys but I'd say the odds are far less than one making an adult avatar. I have, over my years on Sl found out about 6-7 minors. In most cases I found out from them AFTER they turned 18. In one case one confessed to a friend and was reported. All of them were using adult avatars. Not one of them was wandering around in a frilly knee-length dress with a binky in their mouth saying "I loves mine mommy so much!!" while shopping for toys in a kid's mall. Just saying...
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