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  1. hi i was on sl earlier and it froze on me. tried closing the window and then relogging onto to sl again but it now says unable to connect to grid but sometimes makes it past that and stops at waiting for region handshake. ive tried logging on at home and tried logging into a different region but still keeps telling me the same i have no problem with my internet connection at all. i dont understand what could be the problem i know havent done anything wrong so i know it cant be a disabled account. please help :( i am using the firestorm viewer tried logging to a different location stops at requesting region capabillites then does attempt 2 attempt 3 then gives me a error messaging stating cannot connect to sl grid or there may be a problem with ur internet connection. ill even try to log on again and it then makes it to waiting for region handshake then states the same exact error message ive tried the locations smith and aqua and pooley and still get the same error message Nothing is working and im at a lost its very upsetting i've even tried logging on the phoenix viewer and still get the same outcome. i dont think its my internet connection cuz i have full bars and it fine no i havent looked at their websites for answer but i will lok into it i cant find anything that is even the same thing as t what im dealing with im getting s frustrated and upset ive been dealing with fur abut 5 hurs now
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