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  1. :catmad: I found what looked like a good property to rent from http://www.balanvi.com/ however, I cannot buld or rez object on the property. So, I cannot build or rez a house, or furniture. It's useless. I cannot get ahold of the owner of this property to get a refund. I rented a dud. Any advice?:smileymad:
  2. Not necessarily a skybox, but a SINGLE room - large (30 x 30) or larger. No windows needed. I can paste in my own wallpapers. LOW PRIM. I want the most basic room I can find...
  3. I am looking for a: 1/4 island (or similar on mainland) with TOTAL privacy - neighbors cannot see or hear into my rental area. 1000+ prims $1650L or less per week. Grass prefered over sand, but I can make either work.
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