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  1. OOOH MYYY GAWWWDDD!!! who r u mr dargo? thank u thank u thank thank u thank u for solving my problem. NO MORE CRASHING. u r truly a genius and i think u should be hired by the lindens in their tech support. and i will marry u anyday lawl... this thread needs to be shared with so many out there with the same problem. i cant believe i can be on phoenix or viewer 2 again on ultra graphics setting and not crashing oh my god oh my god oh my god !!!! YAYYYYYYYY!!!!
  2. WOWWW!! first of all thanks for such a detailed walkthrough...tried it out twice...unfortunately didnt work for me. still getting logged out from viewer2, phoenix and all others except 1.23. i guess my next question here should be "why am i NOT crashing in 1.23" lol
  3. i know what u r saying peggy and if that happens again i know where to go this is the first time i posted here and must say, its been very helpful, u guys r great...thanks!!
  4. SORTED!!! instead of downgrading my OS i downgraded my viewer. went back to the old 1.23...been logged on for over an hour and not a single crash...yayyyy!!!can anyone explain why?? anyway thanx everyone for your help and support. love pips xxx
  5. just might have a solution... talked to a few friends inworld. they say they switched back to windows xp coz they were having same problem with win7 64bit...hmm any comments???
  6. lol how would i prove theres anything wrong with the modem when all internet apps r running fine. skype, yourtube, live music streaming even radegast everything works. but still ill give them a call tomorrow morning. thanx:)
  7. hiya ok i did the ping tests here r the results dallas ping: 279 san fransisco ping: 370 my nearest ping: 209 and im using a wired connection with the modem through ethernet cable. i know its not my computer coz i tried on my laptop and same problem occurs (my laptop is i7 4gig ram ati 4670 graphics). and i tried to turn off windows firewall but that didnt help either.
  8. nothing works plz view the screen vidz...thats whats been happening...fps fine, ping fine, no packet loss, just bandwidth drops to 0 (sometimes it doesnt)...hate to say this but i might have to quit SL *very sad face*
  9. disk cache at 1000 bandwidth at 500 tried something new this time. connected my laptop with the dsl cable. same problem on that too. so i have reason to believe my system/cpu is fine. its the connection problem. now downloading bandwidth monitoring software so i can see the exact shift in bandwidth at the time of dropout. will post the outcome
  10. thanx guys for your continous support. here r the latest developments: 1- checked speed through speedtest.com and it comes to just about what the isp promises i.e. 4 mbps. (i get 3.5) 2- the power supply is silverstone 500w. the minimum required for gtx460 is 400w. so no problem there 3- tried playing other graphics intensive games such as resident evil 5 and just cause 2. they run perfectly fine 4- in the ctrl-shift-1 window fps fluctuates between 90 and 15 fps depending on the sim population. bandwidth starts from over 300 and drops suddenly to 0. sim fps stays almost stable on 44 but so
  11. OH BUGGER!!! thanx peggy for the response. turning off modem didnt help:) yes i upgraded everything including motherboard. and now the problem remains even in low graphics setting when i entered a slightly populated sim. once againi got logged off i.e. the reading IMs or quit option. another thing i noticed i could still listen to the sim music even when my bandwidth went to 0 and i couldn't move until i clicked quit. which means my connection isn't lost just got disconnected from SL. is this really a graphics card issue or something else. now im really upset and back to square 1...
  12. thanx nyll for helping me get rid of those messages. they're gone. but the crashing is still there. and yes i have heavy power supply to go with the graphics card. now i reduced the graphics quality to minimum "low" and now it dont crash on me. this doesn't really make me very happy after spending that much money on the card i still have to play on "low"? that sucks!!! so though im not crashing anymore but my SL experience has deteriorated
  13. anyone out there using this graphics card and the following specs have any issues? CPU: Intel® Core i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20GHz (3200.17 MHz) Memory: 4023 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit (Build 7600) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 460/PCI/SSE2 Windows Graphics Driver Version: 8.17.0012.6658 OpenGL Version: 4.1.0
  14. thanx for the suggestion...radegast is working fine and doesn't crash...im using a dsl modem huawei HG510. i was using it when things were ok. now im begining to think its the graphics card. wud like to meet someone using the same nvidia geforce gtx460...its a pretty high end card. one wud expect it to work like a charm
  15. thanx for the reply...yes it was working just fine before i upgraded my system to i5 and the gtx460. before i had a core 2 duo with nividia 7300. this is happening on even the 3rd party viewers like phoenix. also in viewer 2 i get a message at login "you system contains a graphics card that second life doesn't recognize"...its only a friggin gtx460...why is it so hard to recognize? other than that i dont get any error message or black screen. i stay logged in for like 10 or 12 mins then suddenly im out. my FPS is fine over 35 sim FPS sometimes goes a bit low to 38 momentarily bandwidth su
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