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  1. I'm getting the same message trying to log on the beta server, didn't have an issue login in on the regular one so something must be wrong on linden's side.
  2. Yeah but some are obvious stolen meshs and right now if you sell stolen meshs either nobody will report you and you're good or someone reports you and you might have to remove it from your vendors and delete it... In the long run it's just going to be bad for sl if this is how stolen meshs are handled. Second life should be more severe and motivate people to report obvious stolen content by making it easyer such as a report button on the marketplace and give rewards to people that go out of their way to find where it was stolen from and who to contact...
  3. Yes the 2 first points you mention intrigue me. I also wish it would take into account a mesh with a symmetry modifier applied to it but sadly it doesn't. I'll experiment a bit..
  4. Ok, I think I get it, thanks a lot ! :matte-motes-smitten:
  5. Hi, I'm working on a building and I'm trying to figure out how to optimize the different LODs. Basically all the details are on the front facade and the only way to reduce the amount of triangles would be to make it all flat. So for High & Medium LOD I'm thinking of just keeping it the same but I was wondering : 1- Havign the same mesh for High & Medium LOD = basically double Land Impact but still the same rez time for the viewer, it's not loading the 2 meshs as if they were different.. I hope, right ? 2- The other solution would be to add some tiny triangles to make the bounding box bigger, the same way people did with sculpties, change a 10x6x0.5 mesh size to 10x10x10 for example but I have yet to try it, see if it's a better tradeoff... 3-The last solution I can think of would be to attach all the meshs together to make one huge mesh but since some parts of the building are symmetrical and using the same meshs that would probably just take a longer time to rez and take a huge amount of land impact... Anyways I was wondering if anyone figured what the best solution was or if there's another one I didn't think of. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
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