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  1. Thank you Lexi but that's not either because my whole list is like that and its been going on for awhile now.
  2. I am getting tired that my friends list is not working it keep showing that my friends are off line when they are not help me please..
  3. I am having problems seeing my friends when they are on line but my list is showing everyone is off line when they are not off line now this has been going on for 3 days now. Can someone help me out here?
  4. For the pass days my friends list shows all of my friends off line when they are not what is going on?
  5. how to retrieve local chat history i have a friend that has been blamed for somthing that they didnt do and they lost their job as a hostess and to prove that they didnt do anything wants to get their job back?
  6. I dont understand why some of the things that I am wearing wont rezz like it suppose for example my hair, feet, ao and my collar wont rezz.
  7. When I try logging on it keeps saying waiting for handshake and I tried everything please help
  8. I have been trying to log in for a week now and I am having no success logging on can someone please help?
  9. Peaches Zaks

    I cant log on

    I am having a probally logging on to sl and you please help me out?
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