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  1. ty, - have submitted a ticket
  2. did that but they require verification with password which no longer exists so I can't use that
  3. I originally opened an SL account with a company email for a client project. That was like maybe 12 or more years ago. Since then that email password was changed and I never updated SL with the new one. Also since then I have retired and I don't believe the company even exists anymore. So I cannot retrieve any code via that email. How can I change my email for SL?
  4. This is the beautiful Gulf of Lune at Calas Galadhon Park - www.calasgaladhon.com to read all about it:)
  5. Not sure this is the right place but when I went to login today there was an update and once it had run and tried to login SL got hung "initializing cache" Tried several times but same failure. What's up? Is there a solution?
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