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  1. Hi Nick! We tried to do the loguin but we didn't get to get right the password. Then, we followed the link "Forgot your name or password?" In that page we have to put the name and the last name, to redraft the words and to send to receive instructions. You receive the instructions through email. In the message other link comes, that in the group Second Life page - My account, where we found the following message: "Plow you having the little trouble with your password or security question? We can get this straightened out by talking to you. Please call us: (866) 476-9763." In fact they didn't
  2. My brother lost the password of his avatar. We tried reset the password. The Linden Lab and the Second Life Team  sent us an email  - "Once you have gone to the link, we will give instructions goes resetting your password." But we have to call... The subject is that we didn't speak English! To write in English is more possible... although it is bearable! Does exist possibility of solving the subject of the password for email? Tks
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