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  1. I got the script I needed! Thank you all for wanting to help. <3
  2. I'm building a HUD for an avatar but it's missing one more function to be completed. I need a script that will offset a texture on a specific face of an object which is controlled by a button on a HUD. For example, the face on the avatar has different eyes, but only one section of the texture is displayed on the face. By clicking on one of the buttons on the HUD, it will change the dimensions of the texture of the specific face to show a different eye. Most of the HUD was built from a HUD script kit off the marketplace. Everything else has been set up. I'm just missing this one last thing. Any
  3. Any scripts that can offset a texture to a face of a mesh object that is controlled by a button on a HUD? I've been looking everywhere for a script like this. Marketplace, script libraries, varies forums, you name it, but I can never find one or something similar that I could mess around with to get the result I want for an avatar I'm making. I don't know anything about scripting. So, I'm at a lost here... Anyone willing to help out?
  4. I've been looking everywhere. The marketplace, script libraries, and forums... But I got nothing. Anyone know where I can get a script like this?
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