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  1. Sorry, I was selecting random things to figure out where the alpha was coming from ? I'll let him know.
  2. A friend of mine is having an alpha issue with the eyes, I've attached at screenshot where you can see an eye shape. I told him to take his alpha layer off and the eye shape aligned with the system avi. So the system avi is causing some sort of alpha issues but it's hard to tell why and I'm out of ideas. Does anyone have an idea?
  3. Since thursday I've been having various issues with SL, It started happening after I got logged out from a SIM restart. Issues with rezzing, continuesly getting a failed message when rezzing or attaching objects - regardless of which SIM I'm in. I always have to relog.Relogging often gets me stuck in cloud mode, test character doesn't work. the only way I can see my avi again is by logging in on a 1.x viewer and back in a 2.x viewer.Relogging often re-attaches stuff i previously detached.Relogging often puts me back into a sim i was in hours ago - even after closing SL several times - as if it doesn't save where I was last.Heads are too big on some avi's, sometimes I see them correctly - often I don't. Simply relogging doesn't help.Everything rezzes slower than before.Certain body parts not rebaking, eg: I put on a tattoo, everything rebaked correctly yet my face was stuck - it never changed until i relogged. Not on my screen nor on a friends screen.Teleporting issues, and lots of them. Regardless of where I am, reducing script amount and memory usage does not help.Can I do something to fix this? I tried installing latest viewer but it's not helping, sometimes everything goes really smooth and at some point I'm getting nothing but problems. Edit: I often see floating attachments too, mostly hair just hovering above someones avi instead of being attached to it.
  4. How do i set a prim limit for them, right now both share the prims. When I check the about land in either plots - I just get the sim prim limit.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to confirm. Wish there was an easier way though.
  6. I've decided to split my store from the rest of the sim and now I also want to be able to use group functions in scripts for furniture group access and such. I'm owner of both groupsI have estate rights, however I rent the sim from a landlord so any changes other then restarts and terrain settings might need to be asked about first. So I want to avoid any changes there.Objects are owned by several people, all of them are non deeded objects.I've looked into it and the only way I think would work is: Settings autoreturn to 0.Sell land through "About land" -> "General" -> "Sell Land". With price at 0 L$, and sell land to specific user (me). Keeping ownership of all objects.The I buy the land and deed it to the new group, and setting all objects to the new group** How would I set all objects to the group, I have mod rights of everyone in the group - yet changing the group of those object is impossible. Also, are little prims included when mass selecting almost a whole sim? Is there a better way? That's about it, land is rather serious so I'd like some advice from people first.
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