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  1. Hi Medhue, If I delete the whole Kirstens folder, wont it delete all of my IM logs? They are all in that folder....
  2. P.s I dont know why, but this problem happens only with Kirstens viewer, not Phoenix nor V2...
  3. I use Kirstens Viewer because its the best viewer for me since I'm a photographer. All of a sudden I cant log in. So as soon as I log in, I crash with the error message: 'Crap. You have been logged out. This region might be experiencing trouble. Please check your Internet Connection.' I dont know what to do since this has been happening since middle of Jan. I moved on to the Phoenix Viewer which is ok for me, but not as good as Kirstens. P.s I can log onto my alt from Kirstens but not my main. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Angel.
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