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  1. Problem Fixed. If anyone else is having this issue. Check your Payment info. Make sure it's set to "Buying $L in Viewer" and not set to 'Not in Use". I never changed this or set this becasue I generally buy $L through the website rther than int the viewer so I don't over spend lol.
  2. Hi, I've been trying to add items to my MP store through the viewer and I'm unable to do so. "Copy Items to Marketplace" nor 'Move items to Marketplace" are highlighted for use. When I go to "Me>Marketplace Listings" I get this Message... https://gyazo.com/6684e70042142b9be2b7d53913048550. I've read the wiki from top to bottom, I've watched any tutorial video I could get my hands on, I've contacted Viewer Support, I've relogged an endless amount of times, I've read all the Merchant links and forums provided. I can't seem to find a fix for this!!! HEEELP! More Info: I've had the store opened for a long time, it's just pretty much sat there unused. I've picked apart any settings I may have missed that needed to update and still nothing. I've never used a magic box or direct delivery system so I don't need to transfer anything over. Also, I have an Alternate Account with a small store that seems to be operating just fine with everything using the same viewer. I'm assuming this has to be an account issue. *sighs and flails in frustration*
  3. HI!! I'm having the same issue with uploading items. and I get the same message when I open MArketpalce Listings. Did you find a fix for this?
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