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  1. Thanks for the encouraging support. I realize nobody made my boyfriend cheat on me. I just feel like it takes 2 to tango. He had my name in his profile, expressing his love for me. I don't understand how someone could disrespect that. I will never be 2nd to anyone. I guess what I was trying to emphasize, is that I'm kind of traditional. I believe in perfect fairy tale endings. I know I need to grow up lol. But loyalty shouldn't be too unrealistic to ask for. Either way, he's wrong. And yes, I am excited to move onward to my bright future and leave him behind in the dark.



  2. *Sigh* What a total disappointment. I had been with this guy for only 3 months but it still sucks. He claimed to love me, want marriage, kids and was fond of the word "Forever." I honestly thought we were going places. Turns out his friends list was full of other woman and he had nude pictures together with some chick. The worst part was I really loved him back.  I packed up my things and left without a second thought. I'll be okay - but I feel like I'm losing faith in men.

    Is true Love on Second Life dwindling ? Where is the ever-lasting Romance? I feel like all I see nowadays is clubs and promiscuous girls with boobs hanging out (That take your boyfriends.)  I only know 1 monogomous couple that have been together for a bunch of years. I want that so bad. Am I an outcast for this? Should I give the dream up?

    Regardless, I'm gonna enjoy the single life and see what happens next...Wish me luck.

  3. I've been wanting to visit a place with tall buildings, shops, maybe Night Life - but it seems like all the Cities in SL are reserved for Roleplaying...I've been out of SL for a little while, so I'm unsure of what the latest hot spots are. My old favorite by Neil Protagonist vanished :matte-motes-crying: If anyone would suggest some normal cities for me, I'd really appreciate it. I miss the vibrant energy I get from them.

  4. Haha that honestly could of been me. I use to do that for fun ^^


    Oh and if anyone here named Sarah sent me a notecard - you forgot to tell me your SL name *giggle* Sooo I was unable to reply. :matte-motes-oh-rly:

  5. Hey Second Lifers...I'm Megumi. But you just call me Meg. I've been on here since 06. Its honestly been a blast for me since then. I have my own land, job and even found my boyfriend. HOWEVER! Friends tend to come and go...Whats Second life without people to share memories with? I would love to have some girl friends to rent scary movies & have a slumber party with - kind of thing haha. So I would love love love if you dropped me and IM or notecard if you are interested. I'm a very funny, positive person...I can make you laugh. I'm kind of a girly girl (I model) yet love shooting up zombies & things of that nature. If you can make good conversation and wanna make a loyal friend, please get at me ^_^


    -Megumi Yoshiyuki

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