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  1. I have a full homestead and have not been able to log in or tp home for two days now.....I thought it was a region reset and or maintenance issue so i just gave up and decided to just log off...well this morning i log in and im in a safe hub again with the error message: "Unable to find teleport destination. The destination may be temporarily unavailable or no longer exist. Try again in a few minutes." I contacted my landlord on yesterday but no reply as of yet...and i need to get home i'm an owner of a store on MP and need to home to create / rezz....Please help ______________________________________ Thanks for the replies... So how do i submit a support case..may I please have the link to that sight? i was wondering if the land had been griefed and crashed that way...just don't know what to think.
  2. While logging in, I keep getting this error message how do i submit a ticket?
  3. I tried to upload to buy lindens & received error stating there was a problem and try another payment method, so i called my bank to check my balance and the money is pending withdrawal...so i tried again for a lesser amount; received the same error. Checked the bank again and the available balance again showed the second transaction as pending for withdrawal as well. So my bank is showing my account is $75.00 less, however I never recieved any Lindens Please help Thanks for the reply.. Not sure how to respond to the answer below so im puttin it here...this is not a pay pal account its direct to bank card which ive used for 3yrs now so thats not the problem....still lookin for answers ------------------------------------ Thanks again for your reply as suggested, i called customer support.... spoke to agent (US/Canada: 800-294-1067) She said the error was on their part and not to attempt to purchase any more lindens until I receive an email from them saying the glitch has been fixed and its ok to upload...otherwise i will continue to be charged for the transaction but will not receive the Lindens.
  4. My entire order of 8 items i purchased from Marketstreet states delivered, but i didnt get anything in my inventory. I accepted all of them...but nothing there. I've contacted the merchants listing the order and how much i paid for it, however i dont think all 8 would think this is just an SL acting up fluke......Is my problem w/Linden Labs Marketstreet or the Vendor. You all definitely took the money, but no products. Please help suga
  5. thanks guys, im anxious to get home to try all of these suggestions. I really want to wear my high ponytail w/o worry if this thing will stick out.
  6. Thanks i'll try the adjust the ruthed hair. But can you tell me how to do that. I've gone to appearance and when i try to adjust hair it states that it is locked and could not be edited. Do i need to go bald before doing so? Whats weird is i can go bald but this ugly 'brownish/green" thing is still in my head. I've already tried changing to a new hairbase, which didnt work.
  7. Suga Nirvana

    Ruthed Hair

    I'm having problems with my AVI. She looks great but when she makes certain movements (i.e., hold her head down, AO movement), this ruthed looking hair sticks out the back of her head. I've tried clicking on it, it won't allow me to touch it. I've zoomed inside her head, although i can see it, i cant click it. I've tried removing everything from her head (i.e., brow, eyes, sunglasses, facelight, etc) and replaced them. Its still there. I've even tried "replace items" from my emergency folder. This dang thing wont go anywhere. PLEASE HELP ME!
  8. I have asked two questions and cant find them here. Where do i look to see if anyone responded?
  9. I own 2 parcels & would like to stream commercial-free music. Do i need to learn to stream much like a dj or is there an on-line site i can pick a genre to play commercial free music? If i have to get set up like a DJ can someone help with getting information to do so? Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide. Suga
  10. Although the information did not get my dances or HUD back, it encouraged me to send note cards to 5 of the vendors asking if i could pay the difference of the no-copy versions (i originally purchased) for copiable versions w/o paying the full price. Received two responses. The owner of MyAnimations sent all 8 copiable dances for free (what a Blessing) and There in Spirit took me up on my proposal so instead of paying close to $5000 to buy the copiable versions, i only have to pay $2500. The lesson was, neva buy "no copy" when placing in Dance HUD, yes it will cost u a ton of money, but in the end u will always have them. P.S.....and i did invite them to come to a show as well as sent them a pic from our Sunday's show. Message was edited by: Suga Nirvana
  11. Thanks so much for the reply.... I'll keep checking, i really doubt the creator replacing them. I'm sure they probably think im trying to scam them..who loses close to $9K worth of dances...i feel like an idiot for not buying the copiable dances, but i had to make my lindens go a long way. The events we preformed this past weekend lasted 3hrs, the dances accummulative lasted a lil over an hour w/o repeats. The reality of it all; seems to be...."Suga is going dance shopping once again"...this time copiable but not as many.
  12. Thanks, I cleared the cache manually. although my inventory log'd faster after clearing my missing HUD was not. Thanks for the reply.
  13. Ok, this has happened to me twice in the last three days.  First time, I detached my chimera and attempted to rezz it to the ground to rearrange dances i purchased and added to the original chim.  The chim never rezzed and is no longer in my inventory. This is a major problem because I'm co-captain and choreographer of the Fly Girls (dance group preforming w/DJs).  The fly girls had to dance in two days, so i had to purchase new dances to replace the old dances and the new ones i just purchased, costing me over $8,700 lindens just on dances.  I also purchased a HUD thinking it would be better than the chim. Well go figure, while dancing lastnite, my HUD froze on me and I couldnt get it to work.  I detached and tried to rez once i made it home.....WTF...same thing.  It's gone, the dances, the HUD all of it. Can someone please tell me how to get find it.  I've tried Ctrl / Alt / T to see if it was just invisible and it isnt there.  I did get the message in the lower right corner "attempt to rez object failed"....I've tried my lost and found folder...NOPE..... ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE APPRECIATED....... Thanks for reading
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