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  1. I'd try checking out the SL Destinations for new places to explore. That's what I usually do whenever I'm bored on SL (which is almost always nowadays...)

    You get to check out new, interesting places, and sometimes you get lucky and meet really nice people.

  2. After about a year of trolling SL with a newbie skin and shape, I decided to get serious and invest in a quality av that had many of the same physical characteristics as me, but with the ability to be customizable. So, as far as skin, shape, clothing and accessories, my av strongly resembles me in RL. The only changes I make is the different hair styles and colors.

    My thought process was to create an av that I could identify myself with and be happy about, especially if I was going to be investing L$ on it. Turns out that the av I ended up creating strongly resembles me and how I see myself, so it's really an extension of who I am in RL.


    Good luck on your research!

  3. Hi everyone!


    I'm looking for a bow-tie  or anchor necklace for an outfit I'm putting together. I've checked a couple of stores already and no luck :robotsad:


    Has anyone seen any of these one at a store, or know of any stores that might have something related? Much appreciated!


  4. Welcome to SL!


    Feel free to send me an IM whenever you're in-world to chat. I'm into dnb, dubstep, and pretty much the entire music scene :robotvery-happy: 

  5. Welcome to Second Life :robotvery-happy:

    I started at working at a club so I would try starting there. It's a great way to network with people and to learn about the SL community. The club scene is a pretty big aspect of SL so once you learn the basics you could pretty much find a job anywhere. A lot of people do prefer hiring after 30 days, so don't be surprised if some people are apprehensive. 

    I currently host at a club and we're always looking to expand out little clan. Send me a notecard in-world and I'll give you the details. 

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