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  1. Princess Verwood said: "The important thing is that hopefully she will be removed and can join again in a few years when she is of age." Yes, I hope she'll be have her account closed ASAP. Thank you for your sensible reply :-)
  2. Lothana said: "busybodys" For future reference, the plural of busybody is busybodies. Lothana said: "some time we must have on our hands"..."anyways that much time you have? my house needs some cleaning" I don't suppose you can see the irony in that statement. You obviously have such a busy schedule but nevertheless, you still had the time to look at the forums, read the whole of this thread, and then go on to insult me and the other contributors. Well done.
  3. Tiffy Vella "I've ARed children in SL 3 times over the last 4 years (roughly). Each time, they have presented themselves as adults in public sandboxes, then later admitted they were RL under 16. Each time, they have almost put adults (myself and others) in potentially difficult situations, as they attempted to flirt." Luckily there was no flirting involved, and even more luckily, she set the alarm bells ringing when she boasted that she was underage. Thanks for your comments Tiffy :-)
  4. Dresden said: "I'm confused... did she say she was 13 in RL or just SL?" Well, there's no need to be confused, she was using an adult avatar but said she was only 13, ( i.e. not playing 13) and hence I've submitted an AR. Thanks for your reply.
  5. "You can try searching for the avatar name in a few days and see if it disappears from search, but you will not be notified of the results either way." I have had an acknowledgement of the AR, but as you say, I won't be expecting to hear anything further, so sometime next week I'm going to check and see if the account is closed.
  6. Thanks for all of your replies. I've submitted an AR today, so I'll wait and see what happens.
  7. Yes, it's amazing how people latch onto one word; I'll choose them more carefully next time. I've never submitted an AR, but yes, this is definitely an occasion to do so.
  8. Just to clarify "Well, now I found it awkward and left the girl without a word." were Syo Emerald's words, not mine... Storm Clarence wrote: "I don't blame you for feeling awkward. I don't want anything to do with children on the Internet. I mean absolutely NOTHING!" Of course if my great-nieces join Facebook, I'll friend them, but anonymous kids in SL, no thanks. Cheers Storm.
  9. "Well, now I found it awkward and left the girl without a word." I told her she was too young to be my friend.
  10. At last, someone who seems to understand.. "..even more so if he were to accept that friendship offer, and not being willing to tell her that would be.. awkward." Well, that would make me something else wouldn't it?...and that's my point, any observer would be suspicious of such a friendship, however innocent it was.
  11. "At the point of her announcing her age, I wouldn't have even spoken to her any more.." I didn't, I just told her that I couldn't friend her and logged off. "..but would have spent the time instead submitting an abuse report to Linden Lab." Well it was very late and I needed to get to bed, but I may still do that. "I talk to kids in real life - they're not a different species" Really?...erm, I have some great-nieces who are fantastic girls, so I'm certainly not anti kids.
  12. There may well be "lots of teens in SL"but they shouldn't be there if they are under 16. "I don't know how that can be awkward.I was a friend of a family that had a daughter that was actually a teen,and it was very fun to be around her" Clearly this wasn't a "family friend", and I'm an adult male, but if you can't see how that might be awkward, then I can't explain it to you.
  13. I was about to logout from SL yesterday when an 'adult' female newbie landed nearby and promptly made a friend request. I've been in SL for 5 years, so I'm used to newbies requesting friendship out of the blue like that. I replied that I normally liked to have a bit of a conversation before offering or accepting any friendship. She then asked how to do a cartwheel, so I offered her the appropriate animation...but it then transpired that this newbie was in fact (or claimed to be) a 13 year old, at which point I ended our conversation by telling her that I couldn't be her friend. As I'm an adu
  14. Yes, useful tips - thanks Drago.
  15. "W -> subdivide smooth..." Helpful information - I really should learn all of Blender's hotkeys. "edgesplit" This could prove useful for my project. "When modeling for games" It's nice to receive some expertise from professionals :smileyhappy: Thank you Ashasekayi.
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