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  1. Yesterday's Grid Status Blog: [Completed] Unscheduled MaintenanceThursday, April 26th, 2012 [COMPLETED 7:15 pm PDT 26 April 2012] All maintenance has been completed. We really appreciate your patience and understanding with this matter. There are still a few regions that we’re helping with an assisted restart. They should be returning to service in a short amount of time. I own half a mainland region that's still screwed up. If you log in there your attachments are not visible, if you enter the sim your scripted attachments stop working properly. You can't wear or detach any attachments while you're in the sim. AOs, hair, sculpted clothes, meshes - nothing works right. I'd like not to file a bug report if they're still restarting regions so I'm wondering if anyone is aware of any mainland restarts that happened today, 27 April? Or any other current information? Thanks very much
  2. I've been having this problem for a couple of weeks or so, and it's gotten slightly worse with today's viewer update. I'm running between 90 and 95% CPU usage (lots of peaks to 100%) with my avie standing in a skybox. I can leave the avie standing there for 30 minutes or more and cpu usage doesn't come down. I'm not getting any lag - in the sky not moving, 64 meter draw, disabled everything I could think of, and the cpu usage stays very high. Low, Mid or High graphics don't have any effect on this (except the pc crashes if I ramp up draw distance while the cpu is already at 100). Nothing else running on the pc except for system background and Task Manager. Windows XP, 1 core P4 three-point-something, 3 usable GB ram, GeForce 9800 GT. My connection is ok and wouldn't explain this anyways. An interesting thing, Task Manager floats above the SL window. If I click Task Manager to make it the active window, the viewer CPU usage drops instantly to 65 - 70%. When I make the viewer active, it returns to 90+ instantly. It does that each time. I'm pretty sure my CPU is going to over heat.
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