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  1. It do the same with touchpad and mouse, tried 2 mouses with both have same issue, and with these mouses donnt had this problem on my previous notebook... So dont understand
  2. Hello, from some days now happening me weird thing. When i cam around using alt + left click, many times camera keeps moving automatically even after i dont move with my mouse anymore. It is pretty annoying as mostly cant zoom there where i originally wanted because my camera starts live own life and keep zooming/rotating around clicked object/person. For example press alt moves my cursor over the selected object press left mouse button so the come instantly jumps there, i start move the mouse to rotate my cam around the object, when i reach the desired angle i stop my mouse, but cam keeps slowly still rotating around the object. The cam keeps moving till i dont release the left mouse button. Never happened this before in any viewer version. I using the newest firestorm so i thought it causes it, but i checked back on my older notebook the same version and there this problem not happening. I downloaded official LL viewer to check if the issue is just related to Firestorm, but same happens on official viewer too. I dont changed any settings related to this using default ones. So i wonders what can cause it that on one machine it is ok, and on other one have this issue. I camming around in clubs often so i would love to solve this annoying automatic camera move...
  3. Everytime i try pay virwox terminal it send back the lindens and i get error messageUnfortunately, your payment has been declined by Linden Lab´s RISK API.EDIT:Peewee yes i read this in Virwox FAQ, i tried many times yesterday and today also and still same error message.I was wondering maybe it can be because i dont have payment info? Before one year i tried to add paypal as payment method but it gives me only errors, not accepted it. And now on my secondlife profile in billing info is no more option for add a payment info. I hear non US residents have some issues with it now, maybe this is the reason? Iam from EuropeEDIT:Irene yes i read it before also, but no option in my account for add a billing info, it was there before, but no more thereEDIT:Peewee thank you, so i need to buy some lindens. The bad is i can´t use my paypal account, nobody know when it will be again possible? I dont want to share my credit card datas. Many accounts was hacked, so it is a big risk. So only remained register to moneybookers or clickandbuy.
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