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  1. I am goign to be upgrading my GPU in the near future and can't seem to figure out is getting two GTX 970 in SLI or getting a single 980 would be better for secondlife?Currently On the main land were I am 80% of the time with max setting and shadows on I get around 20 fps with 64 Draw distance, shadows off I get around 30 fps. I am a heavy power user and content creator, I some times have 2-3 accounts logged on at the same time as well. Current specs: CPU: AMD FX-8350 RAM: 16 GB 1866 GPU: GTX 760 SSD: 120 GB HDD: 1.5 TB PSU: 700W OS: Windows 8.1 Tripple 1080p monitors. Edit: Not sure what happend to cause the first bit of text to be tiny and to the left.
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