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  1. yeah,tried that before.But,Viewer 2 automatically clears the cache every time i log in-does this mean nothing?i read on the sl wiki that cache clearing should be done infrequently,unless you teleport alot...anyway all my problems were SOLVED when I read >next topic>Ishtara Rothschilds remark on viewer 2 F ups thread-just use PHEONIX! yeah,its great!!all the new capabilities of viewer 2 with the interface of 1.2.3!!could'nt ask for better!!YAAAAYYY!! :smileyvery-happy:
  2. yeah Iv'e been in SL almost 3 years now,and Heck,i'd love to use the new viewer 2!could'nt wait to use the new alpha layers for shoes,extra tattoo layers etc.but same thing,i cannot find how to do anything,I have to go to the forums or tutorials everytime i want to do something-even had to search help for how to upload a texture......have tried to use it numerous times,but my computer CRASHES within 30 minutes every time- i get the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.but i'll tell ya what really gets my goat is the new camera controls being a pop-up box at the bottom,instead of being anchored on-screen like in viewer 1.2.3.IT'S A NIGHTMARE!click,open,choose pan/orbit,click,open,choose pan/orbit,click,open,choose pan/orbit,click,open,close,open,close,aaaaaaarrrrggghhhh!! in fact i have actually had nightmares bout that...and then when i go back to using 123 all my settings have been undone!all my colours in my colour chart have reverted back to default,Lod,preferences,etc,and i get help pop-ups all the time"you are editing a sculpted object"yeah I KNOW!!!!etc,.sorry-venting too much? not sure what to do...*help*
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