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  1. Hey Faubio,thanks for the url,i always appreciate a good heads-up.unforunately i bought my current computer about 6 months ago,which was about 2 months before i discovered SL or i would have gotten a more compatible unit.and now that the SL bug has bitten me hard i sure am longing for a more graphics intensive experience with a better,more consitant frame rate and less lag/packet loss.my computer is a gateway SX2800-01 running an intel eaglelake card and a power supply in the mid 200's.Sl runs ok but it sure could be better lol.thanks again for the url and the model recommendation. LP
  2. Hey Red,ty for the helpful advice.it was a great starting point in my search to upgrade graphics card.especially the link to tigerdirect.com,great prices and support. LP
  3. I dont think its just you or your system settings.Ive also noticed an increase in lag the last week or so,even in areas or clubs where I used to have no problems at all.now im getting slower frame rates in some places and more lag than usual.I read somthing that said that LL had a web server system go down two saturdays ago.I was in world at the time with a friend around 4 or 5 pm. SL time,and we both crashed at the same time.after finally getting back in world I not only got a bunch of chatter from different people saying that they just crashed,but everything was rezzing in strangely for a couple of days after that and then cleared up.this might have somthing to do with this problem.also LL has been running rolling restarts area by area with a 5 min. warning that your area is shutting down,so maybe this part of a system wide upgrade.this has had me wondering also why this seemed to be happening,so Im glad to hear its not just me and maybe part of a bigger problem.
  4. I want to upgrade my graphics card to improve my SL experience. I am considering * INVIDIA Geforce 9400 GT * For one reason my tower is a slim line and this is designed as a slim model to fit such towers.Will this card run SL with better graphics,less lag,and less packet loss.And is it compatible with SL operating system? I'm also considering * Geforce 8800 * but i'm not sure if this will fit my tower housing and inner space available.Any info on the tech aspect of these issues will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, LP
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